WISeKey Strengthens it Semiconductors NFC Brand Protection Related Patent Portfolio in China


WISeKey Strengthens its Semiconductors NFC Brand Protection Related Patent Portfolio in China

WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a leading global cybersecurity and IoT company today announced it has been granted two new patents by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) that protect inventions in the domain of NFC tags for smart packaging, brand protection, and customer engagement applications.

WISeKey has designed its Nano Seal and Vault lines of secure NFC chips that can be attached to any brand product for unmatched security, cloud-based authentication, traceability, and consumer engagement. The cryptographic functions of these WISeKey’s NFC chips, integrated with the complete Wise Authentic ecosystem, offer an efficient way for brands to replace traditional non-secure QR code scanning or basic NFC tags. Moreover, the featured tamper detection sensors combined with single-tap Android and iOS compatibility extend the possibilities and disrupt direct-to-consumer digital strategies.

Various industries already benefit from this ecosystem including fashion & sports apparel, cosmetics, wines & spirits, consumer products, medicines, and luxury goods.

The original tamper detection sensors play a pivotal role in WISeKey’s proposed enriched customer experience: upon the status of these sensors, the brand’s message to the consumer can be adapted, giving packaging some intelligence.

Both new WISeKey’s Chinese patents cover this feature. To summarize:

Patent referenced CN106797235B describes a method to keep the NFC tag alive when the package has been opened, making it able to detect the opening and adapt its behavior accordingly;

Patent referenced CN108713292B describes a method to reliably place such NFC tags with open detection on any packaging, including on bottles. WISeKey’s CapSeal Top tags are direct applications of this patent.

“As reported in the newly released CNIPA 2020 Annual Report, there were a total of 1.497 million patents filed in China in 2020, among which 89.8% were about domestic inventions. In the same year,

530,000 patents were granted with 83.1% of the total being domestic ones,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder, and CEO of WISeKey. “China is a very inventive country. Getting two patents simultaneously granted there testifies WISeKey’s employees are, too. Because we have significant Chinese subcontractors and customers, and because we are investing a big portion of our revenue in R&D (40% in 2020) to provide our customers with the best cybersecurity, patents filing in China is not an option for WISeKey.”


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