New Zealand’s Most Popular VAC Accessory Store Is Now Offering Bag- Less Technology Vacuum Cleaners


New Zealand’s Most Popular VAC Accessory Store Is Now Offering Bag- Less Technology Vacuum Cleaners

New Zealand’s most popular domestic and commercial vacuum cleaner company Clive Dicks is now offering a new variety of vacuum cleaners with bagless technology. Not only are these bags inexpensive but also incredibly effective at cleaning with a powerful vacuum strength.

Available in a wide variety according to the vacuum power, these bagless vacuum cleaners are also designed and equipped with the latest technology separating the dust effectively and also being able to clean the vacuum hygienically.

Available on their website in seven different types, vacuum cleaners range from Cyclonic Upright to Powerline Bagless, right from 1200 Watt to 2200 Watt power that cleans the minutest particles of dust on your floor, bed, and everywhere else. From a budget-conscious customer to a high-end-conscious customer and everyone in between, there is a type of bagless vacuum cleaner for people of every budget.

In service to Auckland and New Zealand for close to 4 decades now, Clive Dicks stores are one of the most stacked, the most visited, and its products the best-selling vacuum cleaners. Always equipped with the latest technology before anyone else, Clive Dicks has the most extensive collection of all types of vacuum cleaners, both domestic and commercial. Apart from that, Clive Dicks is also popular for being stocked with accessories all the time so that no customer is disappointed, especially when they have an emergency.

“We started our journey in the early 80s and have come a long way since then. We have faithfully served our local community, Auckland, and New Zealand with our excellent products designed with the latest technology because people deserve only the best and nothing short of that. While shopping at Clive Dicks, you can always be sure the products offered are of uncompromising quality available at competitive prices.

While we have limited stock on our websites, our stores carry a wide range of vacuum cleaners and every accessory imaginable that you can personally have access to and examine before making the purchase. Our deeply attentive and highly experienced staff will give you quality advice for your specific situation.

If your vacuum needs repair works, bring it to our store or ship it to us and we will do the rest. And if you haven’t yet already, try your hand at the latest bagless vacuum cleaners that will give you the best vacuum cleaning you have seen to date. I assure you, it will be the best purchase you will have made in a vacuum cleaner”, said the CEO of Clive Dicks.

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