Milliken’s ColorDirection 2023 Bold Unity: evoking a sense of belonging and familiarity


 Milliken’s ColorDirection 2023 Bold Unity: evoking a sense of belonging and familiarity

In 2023, as the world celebrates resilience greater than we could have hoped for, Milliken & Company’s Color Direction Bold Unity presents a collection of connected tones powerful in impact and vulnerable in expression, colors that can sing gentle harmonies or raise the roof with vibrancy.

The new 2023 collection is the work of thought-leaders and trend-watchers in the worlds of textiles, packaging, fashion, design, and marketing and a specially convened Milliken panel, analyzing what’s trending today and what is next.

Mixing the dreamlike with the ultra-real, the gentle unknown with the vibrant unmissable, Milliken Color Direction 2023: Bold Unity combines a palette of boldness with pastel alter-egos, creating tones and contrasts that work together as a team.

Extravagant Orange

When it’s time to be sharp and fresh, nothing beats Extravagant Orange. It’s a powerful and universal color that brings brightness to a world still waking up to new possibilities. Both vibrant and clear it’s a rich sign that shouts for positive action and new hope.

Radiant Rose

Shining its bold strength through the color palette, Radiant Rose brings together a softer harmony of warmth and comfort. This is the tone of challenging norms and of working together to create new visual languages from an alphabet of color.

Lavender Embrace

A sure sign of luxury and ceremony, Lavender Embrace is the go-to color for effortless comfort, texture, and richness. In a time when the world is crying out for good news and extra care, this is the color that brings support and reassurance to the palette.

Unity Blue

The flagship color of the Bold Unity range, Unity Blue, is an unforgettable link to the oceans of possibilities within us, a time for exploration and trust in what is to come. With this classic blue, we reach out our arms to welcome the potential ahead, putting the past to rest.

Coral Moments

Adding a welcome note of freshness and light, Coral Moments is the spirit of playfulness for the consumer’s mind. Carefree walks with loved ones under bright summer skies, precious days collecting moments that will live forever in memory, all with the crisp bright comfort of this unmistakable hue.

Team Green

Working together with nature, society is building an era of growing respect and Team Green flies the flag for new generations of love for our planet. A statement that is both bright and rich, this shade represents the fertile and vibrant world around us.

Sharply Citrus

After quiet years in disconnected shadows, the world is starting to come together to be seen and to be bold. In contrast with the humble shades of softer colors, Sharply Citrus brings a call for attention and urgency that dares to be noticed. This is the color to make it happen.

For all these dazzling colors, our eye-catching colorants include:

Liquitint customized polymeric colorants that combine dynamic colors with excellent processability for multiple applications including home and laundry care. These water-soluble and non-staining colorants are compatible with the most challenging active ingredients, including additives and higher perfume levels.

Liquitint Agro advanced colorants for fertilizer. This range of non-staining liquid colorants provides a broad spectrum of color options with low inventory requirements and easy blending, thus reducing waste and increasing the saving potential for your operations.

ClearTint color concentrates for NXh UltraClear polypropylene (PP) add vivid, transparent color and are compliant with safety requirements for food packaging.

Reactint polymeric colorants for polyurethane (PU) add appealing color to products without affecting the physical properties of the material.

KeyPlast colorants are a spectrum of bright, high-performance shades for a multitude of polymer and resin systems including ABS, PET in transparent, food-contact applications, and other transparent amorphous polymers such as polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), and acrylic (PMMA).

KeyPlast RESIST is a high-performance colorant, designed especially for coloring engineering polymers such as polyamides (PA), polybutylene terephthalates (PBT), polypthalamides (PPA), polysulfones (PSU), and other high-heat glass filled and flame-retardant resins and alloys. These colorants perform well in high-temperature processing and application conditions typically associated with high-performance polymers.

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