StackTeck Systems Ltd., a global manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production molds and complete automation systems, is pleased to share that an IML  system  designed and manufactured by StackTeck Automation will be presented for the first time at an exhibition at the Plastimagen 2022 show in Mexico City this March.

Christopher Day, StackTeck’s General Manager- Mexico and Latin America stated: “We have received very positive customer feedback about StackTeck’s IML Automation installations, including some remarkable testimonials about the robustness of the equipment and strong technical support which is now highlighted on the StackTeck website.  We look forward to the opportunity to show all our customers how smooth and precise the StackTeck robot is while running at a very fast cycle time.”

This “must see” IML Automation system designed and built by the StackTeck Automation team in Canada will be running at the Avance Industrial booth No. 1214 in a 420-ton Sumitomo Demag El-Exis SP machine which is part of an ultra-high speed hybrid series of injection molding machines. The system will be running a 1×4 cup mold that  features the TRIM (Thin Recess Injection Molding) light weighting technology, and In-Mold Labeling (IML). The labels that will be used for this cup are provided by MCC Verstraete and will feature metallic finishes as well as a digital watermark technology making the entire label fully scannable.

Plastimagen show attendees will also be able to see a 1×4  Servo In-Mold Closing  (IMC) Flip-Top closure mold at Avance Industrial’s booth running in a 130-Ton fully electric Sumitomo Demag IntElect machine.  This flip-top servo IMC mold features two interesting closure technologies that StackTeck offers in its repertoire. Firstly, In Mold Closing (IMC)  to fold the part over a living hinge and close the flip-top part before releasing it from the mold; enhanced with the addition of a servo actuated IMC mechanism that actuates in 0.75 seconds representing a 50% reduction in closing time compared to conventional IMC molds. The second technology is the use of advanced KoolTrackTM technology to minimize cycle time.

Static displays in StackTeck’s booth No. 1821 will feature the latest technologies with plastic parts and steel components. Some of these include PET Preform mold parts highlighting cooling and post mold cooling technologies, multi-material, specialty coatings,  KoolTrackTM, TRIMTM (Thin Recess Injection Molding), IML and closure technologies.  A core of a TRIM 19L industrial pail mold will also be on display together with TRIMTM pail plastic samples for attendees to see.


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