Onroadz Rental Launches Web Platform For Bike and Car Rental Services


Onroadz Rental Launches Web Platform For Bike and Car Rental Services

Onroadz Rental started its journey in luxury car rental 12 years back, and now it has become a leading online luxury bike and car rental company in South India. They strive to make the luxury car rental experience of the customers unforgettable, whether they are residents or tourists in South India.

They make every effort to make the self-driven bike and car rental procedure as easy as possible. For this purpose, they are offering zero security deposit at the time of renting a car. Their standards of services are high because of which residents of South India hire their services most often.      

The company has a wide range of latest cars, including Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, Mercedes-Benz, and many others. It offers the best rates to the customers to make their car rental journey easy.

Also, the company provides free pick and drop services to the customers to save them from the hassle of going and picking up the car. In the same way, for the convenience of the customers, Onroadz Rental is offering zero security deposit regardless of the car they want to take on rent.

Almost all bike and car rental companies in South India are taking some payment as a security deposit from their customers before renting a car to them. This amount is taken so that if any damage or accident is caused by the customer, then the repair cost is deducted from the security deposit.

But Onroadz Rental is a car rental company that trusts its customers and does not take any security deposit. Now the residents and tourists can easily avail of luxury car rental services, with no worries if they do not have an amount to submit as a security deposit.

“friendly staff knows it is important to manage the move with the utmost precision and courtesy. therefore, bestow the same care and attention would have for own households,” says Raj Malhotra.

With the ongoing Covid pandemic, Onroadz Bike and Car Rental Services make sure to follow the laid-out coronavirus guidelines and recommendations according to the Indian Government. Employees are regularly educated about innovative ways to practice effective hygiene around clients and their properties.

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