Covestro debut life-enhancing healthcare solutions at MD&M West 2022


Covestro debut life-enhancing healthcare solutions at MD&M West 2022

Material advancements are creating new, exciting opportunities for healthcare OEMs, engineers, and designers. Recognized as a trusted materials supplier, Covestro offers a variety of products designed for high-performance medical devices.

At MD&M West Conference and Exposition, April 12-14, 2022 in Anaheim, California, Covestro will showcase its materials for healthcare applications in booth 2221, including Makrolon  RE for Healthcare. Makrolon RE polycarbonate grades have a low carbon footprint thanks to the use of renewable electricity for their manufacture, as well as raw materials produced from mass-balanced bio-waste and residues.

This new offering further expands the company’s portfolio of proven materials for diverse healthcare uses:

  • Polycarbonate resins and blends: Covestro’s broad portfolio including Makrolon and Makroblend delivers strength and durability for drug delivery devices, dental applications, advanced injection devices, medical device housings, and more – to withstand everyday use and chemical interaction.
  • Polyurethane raw materials and adhesives: Baymedix polyurethane adhesive and foam components provide excellent breathability and low trauma removal to wound care products, in addition to excellent absorption. In wearables applications, skin-friendly adhesive systems and thermoformable foams for electronic embedding are also available.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) films and resins: Platilon TPU films offer breathable applications for wound dressing and prevention, as well as wearable patches. Texin Rx TPU resins provide flexibility and strength for applications such as medical tubing and dental applications, all while remaining resistant to cleaning agents and bacteria.

Several applications of these materials will be on display, including:

  • Makrolon RE for Healthcare: Covestro showcases the expansion of its product portfolio into the medical and healthcare space with Makrolon RE – a drop-in, low carbon footprint, medical-grade polycarbonate solution.
  • Drug Delivery demonstrator: Materials from Covestro’s line of medical-grade polycarbonates come together to form an innovative and sustainable drug delivery device.
  • PharmaJet: Covestro and PharmaJet team up to advance needle-free injection. Makrolon from Covestro stands up to gamma and ethylene oxide sterilization in a device that eliminates needle-stick injuries and can be used for COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • SmartGuard: Covestro and SmartGuard work together to provide restful sleep for those who involuntarily grind their teeth. Makrolon 2858 from Covestro provides the strength, softness, and biocompatibility needed for this application.
  • Medical Device Housings and Hardware: Durable Makrolon and Makroblend materials feature improved disinfectant resistance and next-generation flame retardancy with skin contact biocompatibility.

Attendees can visit the Covestro booth (2221) to learn more about the company’s impressive combination of material solutions and technical expertise for the healthcare market.

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