How digital manufacturing can widen your range of applications


How digital manufacturing can widen your range of applications

If you’re thinking of widening your range of applications and wondering how to go about it – Get excited!  Moving into full digital print production and manufacturing means you can expand your portfolio and radically change your business.

Digitization and the latest innovative technologies can now give you the freedom and the guarantees to cost-effectively and efficiently drive your business to new levels of capacity and capability. The range of possible applications is widening significantly and the options and choices are only limited by your imagination and ambition. The key is to find the right equipment supplier to make it happen!

We have all been part of the huge uptake in online ordering during the pandemic. The retail game has radically changed and everyone in the supply chain has to be ready and able. Differentiating and delivering products to satisfy the consumer’s ever-changing tastes and preferences is a continuing challenge for everyone. Market trends continue to evolve.

Consumers are constantly online searching for ‘stand out’ high-quality products and brand owners and designers are continually refreshing their brands. Equipment suppliers and printers and converters have to continually review and expand their capabilities and adopt the latest innovations and technologies to satisfy all the stakeholders and keep ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for innovation and the latest info on digital, Xeikon is your ‘go-to’ digital guru. As a leading supplier of everything digital, having a chat with them is a good starting place for any company looking to the future. With over 40 years experience of in digital innovation, Xeikon’s vision has always been to offer printers and converters a clear pathway to digital transformation.

One of the first things that Xeikon will tell you: ‘make sure you have an up-to-date and flexible, intelligent and innovative workflow’ that can drive and efficiently manage the zillions of small jobs that you will have to handle. Speed to market is essential so, apart from a clever and robust digital press with man/machine and machine/machine interfaces.

you will also need powerful cloud-connected software like Xeikon’s X-800 Digital Front End which has ‘ahead of the game’ capabilities for data management and security and full-color controls to drive multiple applications for the print and manufacturing of any kind of labels including high-end and security labels for track & trace against counterfeiting, interior décor applications such as wallpapers and textiles, also graphic arts applications such as books and bibles using the thinnest of papers, postcards with creative personalization, calendars, posters, direct mail, point of sale – the list goes on and on…..

Xeikon is a technology agnostic company. They can advise you on the best way forward on your digital pathway to expand your business. They can advise you on how best to expand your portfolio of applications – whether to go with dry toner technology or inkjet technology for example. It’s not always known but different applications require different technologies to get the best results. Having the right finishing equipment will also equip you with flexible, high-end embellishment capability.

Xeikon’s portfolio is bang up to date:

  • Cheetah dry toner technology with full accreditation for food-safe applications
  • Panther inkjet technology for high gloss, durable applications
  • Sirius technology for graphic arts applications
  • Idera technology for corrugated packaging – all driven by Xeikon’s X-800 digital front end.

Xeikon has carefully structured and developed its portfolio with the very latest technologies to offer printers and converters every opportunity to create the widest range of added value applications – all from one supplier – Go on, give them a call! You can check their services on their online advisory hub ‘Transform’

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