Beaulieu Fibres International offering efficiency solutions for the filtration industry at Filtech 2022


Beaulieu Fibres International offering efficiency solutions for the filtration industry at Filtech 2022

Beaulieu Fibres International is heading to Filtech set on fostering collaborative product development to address the industry’s increasing clean air and energy management priorities. The leading European polyolefin and BICO fibre supplier is exhibiting at Europe’s largest filtration event for the first time (Hall 7 Stand R12).

“The market is constantly looking for new solutions that help to improve air quality and increase the quality of food and industrial liquids, in an energy-efficient way. Improving filter efficiency with a low-pressure drop is a key challenge in this constant process of setting new standards, and we are very excited about the capabilities of our polypropylene fibres to bring innovation to this area. It’s a big focus for our R& D teams,” comments Jefrem Jennard, Sales Director Industrial Fibres, Beaulieu Fibres International.

“Close collaboration and co-development are so important for quickly and effectively targeting emerging needs. Filtech will provide an excellent platform for kick-starting conversations with visitors and exploring possibilities to benefit a whole host of applications.”

Beaulieu Fibres International offers an extensive range of mono-component and bi-component polypropylene (PP) fibres for air and liquid filtration. The company continues to develop and grow the market for food contact filtration and is committed to extending its fibres’ potential to improve filtration efficiency in air filtration markets.

Its wide variety of fibre diameters, tenacities, textures, bulk, and surface areas, create unique opportunities for manufacturers to further push filtration efficiency without compromising on pressure drop. This results in filter media delivering improved air quality in the case of HVAC systems or automotive cabin air filters and increased particle retention in the food processing industry.

PP is particularly relevant to the heightened focus on clean air, as it is chemically inert, resistant to microbial attack. It does not take on humidity and allows static charging. BFI’s latest Ultrabond fibre, allows the design of fully recyclable single polymer filter media, with improved bonding and stiffness properties.

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