Exciting podcast on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Exciting podcast on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Arburg goes on air with podcast episode 134 as part of the podcast series “AI in Industry”. The episode entitled, “KI bei Arburg und die Rolle des Basismodells”, looks at the exciting topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mechanical engineering. In the 35-minute German-language podcast, Werner Faulhaber, Development divisional manager at Arburg, talks to moderator, Robert Weber, and provides deep insights into the potential that AI offers the world of injection moulding.

Werner Faulhaber explains that combined with a “smart” control system and “Machine Learning”, AI is making injection moulding “more intelligent” step-by-step. He discusses the developments Arburg is working on and how plastic processors can use this technology to create new business models in the future.

“Machine Learning” is changing the world of injection moulding

The podcast discusses why it is not enough to just gather data: you also need the process expertise and domain knowledge. Werner Faulhaber explores the use of AI to develop master models using experience and data collected over the years on the process, material, and machinery. The customer could then sharpen the provided master model “on Edge” and thus optimize their processes.

The in-house development Gestica control system, the Arburg host computer system, and the “arburgXworldcustomer portal give Arburg an advantage here. Moreover, the machine will increasingly be able to optimize itself in the future and continue improving by means of so-called “Machine Learning”. Application examples are given in the interview. These include automatic programming of robotic systems, targeted malfunction remedying, and a spare parts system with “intelligent” image processing.

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