Synthos launches new BIO-based acrylic dispersion for transparent and pigmented wood coatings


Synthos launches new BIO-based acrylic dispersion for transparent and pigmented wood coatings

The Sustainable Development Strategy that Synthos is pursuing until 2030 includes the production of 100% sustainable products. The company aims to achieve this goal by adding innovative solutions with a smaller environmental footprint to its portfolio and by introducing bio-based raw materials into its production.

In line with this strategy, the company is launching its first bio-based SYNEXIL AW90CX acrylic dispersion, specifically developed for transparent and pigmented wood coatings.

SYNEXIL AW90CX is manufactured using a key raw material, approximately 45% of which is derived from renewable sources, i.e. no raw materials are used that are directly or indirectly derived from petroleum. The content of BIO raw materials in the newly developed dispersion is determined in accordance with the ASTM D6866-20 standard, which specifies the vegetable carbon content in the product.

The new dispersion is characterized by a rapid hardness increase and high adhesion to substrates as well as high anti-blocking, i.e. it has excellent properties of the coatings’ ability to resist adhesion to itself. With this product, Synthos adds another product to its portfolio with a very low film-forming temperature (making it particularly suitable for the production of solvent-free products) and a low formaldehyde content and low volatile organic compounds (VOC), thus reducing environmental impact.

„The world around us needs positive change,”said Barbara Chodacka, Business Unit Director,  Adhesives and Dispersions, Synthos Group. „That is why Synthos, in its philosophy, strives to improve the solutions it offers. Any action, no matter how small, aimed at adapting a particular product to the needs of our planet and its people is extremely important.

The 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy adopted by Synthos serves as a strong guideline that clearly defines the direction we want to take. Synthos’ new bio-based acrylic dispersion is another important step in the green direction we are actively pursuing.”

Synthos intends to accelerate the introduction of more environmentally friendly products in its portfolio, including products for dispersions and wood adhesives. Furthermore, Synthos is committed to increasing the overall share of sustainable products across its product portfolio. These activities will be strengthened by the utilization of new production capacities as part of the construction of a new facility for the production of dispersions and adhesives.

By changing Synthos, we change the world.


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