Expansion of the HASCO Push-Lok system


Expansion of the HASCO Push-Lok system

HASCO‘s innovative Push-Lok system, which guarantees fast and secure connection of heating and cooling circuits, has been supplemented by further high-quality hose variants.

Fast and safe connection

The new Push-Lok hoses Z859PL/… were developed specifically for even easier assembly. In the colours blue and red, they guarantee clear recognition of the inlet and outlet lines on the injection moulding tool. Perfectly coordinated manufacturing tolerances make assembly even easier. The special material blend guarantees the maximum service life of the flexible, twist-free, and kink-resistant hoses, which are temperature-resistant from  -40°C to +140°C.

Time and cost savings

The Push-Lok system enables quick repairs to be carried out directly on the workbench, supplementary accessories, such as hose clips and crimps, are no longer necessary. This means a considerable reduction in both time and costs. An end-point marked via the identification ring guarantees reliable mounting of the hose on the coupling.

The special geometry of all the perfectly coordinated Push-Lok components ensures reliable connections during the entire injection moulding process. The system includes not only hoses but also shut-off couplings with or without a valve and in a 45° or 90° design, as well as hose extension nipples for lengthening hoses and the new multi-coupling system.

The extended Push-Lok system is tailored to HASCO’s proven standard cooling range, and hence a system change can be performed both rapidly and easily. The wide range of components offers users many benefits of customized heating/cooling system configuration.

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