OCS presents product solution to reduce scrap, rework and machine downtime at ICE Europe in Munich


OCS presents product solutions to reduce scrap, rework, and machine downtime at ICE Europe in Munich

After canceling last year’s show, OCS will present expert solutions for quality control and assurance at ICE Europe from 15 to 17 March 2022 in Munich, Hall A6, Stand 756. Live demonstration at the show: The innovative and customized Web Inspection System FSP600. The event brings together professionals from across the converting industry for networking, knowledge sharing, and innovation topics.

Real-time inspection using a high-speed camera
The OCS FSP600 Wide-Web Inspection System is able to recognize every type of irregularity in films, laminates, and non-wovens in real-time. This is all made possible by a special high-speed camera that is capable of recognizing gels, black specks, burn marks, fisheyes, holes, wrinkles, scratches, coating defects, water droplets, oil stains, insects, bubbles, nozzle marks, and craters – as well as many other defects and irregularities. An especially practical feature: real-time results data are transferred directly to production and process control.

Innovative MCE technology in use
With the smart and innovative MCE (Multi-Channel Evaluation) technology, detection in reflected or transmitted light mode as well as in dark and bright field applications can be combined, and all this with one hardware (camera). This enables the simultaneous detection of defects on up to 6 channels.

For example, one channel for the reflection of surface defects, three additional channels for transmission (red, green, and blue =RGB) for better defect detection and classification. Defect references are learned with the help of the teach-in function, standardized classification of the film rolls (calculation of grades) can be made.

Industry 4.0 – Significant time and cost savings
The machine operator is informed in good time about process fluctuations and can counteract quality variations. Each roll change is automatically stored and noted with the respective roll number. Seamless traceability is ensured and assists in gaining knowledge. Rolls of the film can be automatically locked by the system without operator intervention.

This is made possible by OCS analysis software, which correlates the material, raw material, and process parameters from the PDA system with the respective quality/film note and thus provides long-term statistical process control. This helps preventively to reduce scrap, rework, and machine breakdowns. It is no wonder that countless high-profile film manufacturers and other companies in the plastics processing industry have decided to entrust their products to the outstanding quality control offered by the use of the OCS FSP600 Wide-Web Inspection System.

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