REHAU brings the latest zero-joint edgebands, RAUTAKANTEX Pro


REHAU brings the latest zero-joint edgebands, RAUTAKANTEX Pro

REHAU’s engineering progress towards enhanced living

REHAU, the global leader in polymer-based solutions is elated to bring a range of edgebands that promises to give a true zero joint finish look to furniture. Furniture edgebands has come a long way, from plain white ones in the 1960s to glossy mirror-finished ones in 1990s and over the years, REHAU has adopted these transitions seamlessly, simultaneously they are innovating designs and developing cutting-edge technology. Today, the brand is known for manufacturing edgebands that gives translucent and 3D looks to furniture, upping the niche level of homes.

The RAUKANTEX edgebands range has been developed for all commonly-used processing methods for a true zero joint finish. It has undergone many transformations in its time, and the latest RAUKANTEX zero joint edgebands has now transformed it into state -of-the -art  furniture edging

REHAU Zero-joint Edgeband has a pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer replacing the traditional glue, allowing for a much superior and seamless joint between the edgeband and the board. With REHAU presenting 1000+ color options, the edgebands aesthetically blends with all kind of furniture, enhancing home interiors and creating a style statement. The zero-joint edgebands offers maximum chemical resistance of PP and also promises longevity being scratch-resistant.

On its commitment toward a more sustainable nature, REHAU has always used ecologically friendly polymers, with RAUKANTEX pro, REHAU is reducing the need for adhesives and cleaning agents during the entire procedure. REHAU also uses ABS and PP materials that are ecological and harmless to human health. The brand is regularly launching various initiatives in its production pipeline to reach the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.





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