Cosmo Speciality Chemicals– Textile division, develop 5 th generation Silicone softener “LOTOSIL BHB” range


Cosmo Speciality Chemicals– Textile division, develop 5th generation Silicone softener “LOTOSIL BHB” range

A hydrophobic softener based on block silicon chemistry can be applied to any substrate like Cotton, Polyester and blends, etc.

New Delhi, 25th October 2021: Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has developed a 5th generation Silicone
softener” LOTOSIL BHB” range which can be applied to any substrate like Cotton, Polyester and
blends, etc. These are hydrophobic and based on block silicone chemistry.

Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Business Head, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals said, "We
thrive on creating unique goods, and to promote meaningful innovation for the textile industry,
allowing us to bring new solutions to a wider audience at a faster speed.

“We have also developed Silicone softeners for a set of four products in LOTOSIL BHB” range which
gives excellent inner softness with soft bouncy feel stable to shear force, high liquor TDS temperature
and variation in pH. It is a hydrophobic softener based on block silicon chemistry,” he added.

Silicone softeners increase the quality of textile materials, particularly their handling. The term
“handle” refers to the mechanical behavior of fabrics that have been subjected to low pressures
similar to those experienced during garment production and usage. It is critical in this day and age
for everyone, from youngsters to the elderly, regardless of gender, to have a soft feel and be
amazed by the lightness and bulkiness of materials. In this day and age, comfort is a requirement of

There are four set of products in this range: 1.LOTOSIL BHB1; 2.LOTOSIL BHB;3.LOTOSIL BHB2L;

Mr. Pankaj Poddar, Group CEO of Cosmo Films Ltdsaid “At Cosmo we pride ourselves on being
specialized and niche in its offerings. Thus, innovation is comes as part of our DNA, driven by the
consumer needs and backed by strong tech infrastructure”.

The basic feature of LOTOSIL BHB ranges include excellent inner softness coupled with surface
smoothness, exhibits soft and bouncy handle, exhibits stability to shear forces, high liquor TDS and
temperature, and variation in pH.

The substrate of this 5th generation Silicone softener can be overdyed without stripping after being
finished with LOTOSIL BHB ranges, is easily miscible with water in all proportions, and is very
effective on Knits and Woven. The product is also easily miscible with water in all proportions,
suitable by exhaust and Pad application techniques apart from beingcompliant to GOTS.

About Cosmo Speciality Chemicals

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd with strong research capabilities
to provide the best and the most competitive products through innovations based on sustainable
science to its customers. The Company is into specialty polymers & textile chemicals and has now
launched 'Fabritizer' to safeguard consumers from the various viruses, bacteria, and germs.

About Cosmo Films Limited

Established in 1981 and founded by Mr. Ashok Jaipuria, Cosmo Films today is a global leader in
specialty films for packaging, lamination, labeling, and synthetic paper. Cosmo Films over the years
has been partnering with the worlds’ leading F&B and personal care brands and packaging & printing
converters to enhance the end consumer experience. Its customer base is spread in more than 100
countries with sales & manufacturing units in India and Korea and additionally sales & distribution
base in Japan, USA, Canada, and Europe.


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