75 Percent Plastic Reduction


75 Percent Plastic Reduction


Muller Technology has collaborated with a leading European packaging manufacturer to develop the industry’s first hybrid pail with strong barrier properties and a more sustainable packaging option.


The new package takes a unique approach to improved sustainability. The injection moulded container consists of a polypropylene skeletal structure and a pre-cut paperboard label. The pail uses 75 per cent less plastic than typical PP pails of this volume. The container has 47 square centimetres of projected area with an L/T (flow length/wall thickness) ratio of 350. The container also incorporates a tamper-evident break-off tab made of PP. The Skel-Pac makes use of Muller’s unique mold and IML technology, fully automated cobot case packing system, and vision inspection system.


Taras Konowal, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America, for Muller Technology, said: “We take our responsibility as stewards of the environment very seriously and we’re committed to helping our customers meet the growing demands for more sustainable packaging. In response to volatile resin pricing, brand owners and packaging manufacturers are exploring alternative packaging that delivers sustainability benefits and cuts cost.”


The manufacturing system features a two-cavity mould and a four-cavity IML base robot which results in a 4.5-5 sec cycle time. The hybrid pail offers an attractive shape while excellent printing and design capabilities showcase the brand. The new package is commercially available in Germany. Leading brand owners are considering this technology for a range of other food and non-food products.



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