TPE makes a neat solution for cleaning devices


TPE makes a neat solution for cleaning devices

To avoid looking at domestic chores as a chore and doing manual cleaning, using cleaning appliances and tools can help clean more efficiently, thereby halving cleaning time and reducing fatigue from physical over-exertion.
Furthermore, lifestyles have gradually altered, necessitating the usage of cleaning devices that are simple to use, compact and lightweight, as well as energy-efficient.

In order to match the theme and color palette of homes, device manufacturers guarantee that their items are visually appealing. The development of advanced engineering materials like thermoplastic elastomers has enabled this transformation. KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a diverse range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for a variety of industries, provides the THERMOLAST K series that is known for its outstanding surface quality, flowability, and durability for use in cleaning equipment applications.

LW/CS/UV series: Lightweight TPE
In KRAIBURG TPE’s LW/CS/UV series, the compounds feature a low density of up to 0.7g/cm³. With lower weight and increased mobility of cleaning devices, innovation and development of the devices is made
Besides the significant weight saving, the compounds provide optimized compression set performance, with high-temperature stability up to 100°C, making them ideal for seals for housings. The additional characteristics, like nonsticky surface, UV, and weathering resistance, make the LW/CS/UV series of compounds a suitable fit for outdoor cleaning devices.

Furthermore, the LW/CS/UV series has good adhesion with PP. Processing of products using the TPE materials is made easy via injection molding and extrusion. Other possible applications include grommets, window cleaners, pool robot brushes, blower and lawnmower handle or casings, etc.

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