Emsur Saymopack optimizes longevity of sleeve-mounting adapter with rotec Eco Xtra rings


Emsur Saymopack optimizes longevity of sleeve-mounting adapter with rotec Eco Xtra rings


Spanish flexible packaging producer Emsur Saymopack has increased their productivity and the lifetime of their adapters with the new rotec Eco Xtra ring from XSYS. This next-generation Eco Bridge technology further improves the durability of the adapters by reducing wear from mounting sleeves.

The rotec line of Sleeves & Adapters from XSYS is under constant development with new innovations introduced to help converters improve press performance and print quality. The Eco Bridge adapter is a patented technology that enables significantly easier sleeve mounting, as well as more efficient compressed air usage. The next evolution of the rotec Eco Bridge maintains these advantages while taking sustainability to the next level. The Eco Xtra is a modified stainless-steel ring that incorporates the revolutionary air supply system of the Eco Bridge, and additionally guards against wear by strengthening the operator-side of the adapter.

The first customer to take advantage of this innovation is Emsur in Spain, who has been testing the Eco Xtra adapter at its Saymopack plant, in Valencia.

“During rough production processes, our adapters were becoming damaged very fast, so we needed to reinforce the operator side. The new ring with the innovative air supply protects the adapter from wear and improves the mounting characteristics quite significantly, as well as the overall lifetime,” says Marcos Gaspar Calatayud, who is responsible for process improvement at Emsur Saymopack.

A division of the Spanish multinational Grupo Lantero, Emsur has more than 900 staff across its nine production plants located in the following eight countries: Spain, France, Poland, Russia, the US, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. With over 30 years of experience, its packaging solutions are exported worldwide to customers primarily in the food sector, but also in the industrial, agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, in more than 60 countries.

The Emsur Saymopack plant is located in Algemesí, just south of Valencia, and specializes in flexible packaging production, with both rotogravure and flexographic printing presses in-house. Like all Emsur facilities, it has obtained the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and is committed to sustainability based on food preservation, waste reduction and the development of eco-friendly products. An ambitious investment plan undertaken over the past few years has seen the company expand its printing and converting capabilities to fulfil a large portfolio of products for its customers.

Through the XSYS regional agent, LR Flexo, Emsur Saymopack has enjoyed the benefits of rotec sleeves and adapters for plate-mounting on its wide web flexo presses for more than 10 years. “We have had a great relationship with LR Flexo for many years and we always get the best service,” says Gaspar. “And now with the new Eco Xtra ring, they even developed something designed specifically for our needs. We can now mount our sleeves much faster and speed up the whole process”.

For more details: www.xsysglobal.com