Constantia Flexibles Is Fully Committed To A Circular Economy With Its Recyclable Range Ecolutions


Constantia Flexibles Is Fully Committed To A Circular Economy With Its Recyclable Range Ecolutions

The packaging industry is changing as more and more consumers are questioning packaging. Latest Global Buying Green Report revealed: Two-thirds (67%) of consumers consider it crucial to buy products in recyclable packaging. Constantia Flexibles recognized the trend years ago and has continuously developed its products. The company will present its highlights and updates at FachPack 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany.


“Our strong focus is to continue to develop more sustainable film, aluminum, and paper-based packaging for our clients,” Pim Vervaat, CEO of Constantia Flexibles, explains the company’s goal. Constantia Flexibles’ “Ecolutions” product range meets the sustainability requirements with a clear focus on recyclability whilst continuing to have all the properties required to protect the packaged products. The latest product developments will be on display at FachPack.


Constantia Flexibles will also present its aluminum-based product range at FachPack since aluminum is a versatile packaging option. The company records more than half of its business – Pharma and Consumer combined – with aluminum-based solutions. “In Europe, aluminum packaging recycling achieves a recycling rate of 65%, rising steadily thanks to ever-improving collection and recycling techniques,” continues Vervaat. “Any material we use focuses on recyclability. Our product portfolio is broad, and we are ready for the future!”


EcoLam laminates are configured using several PE-based building blocks developed by Constantia Flexibles: OPE, barrier OPE, and met OPE, which in combination with the appropriate sealant PE, can give rise to structures able to substitute non-recyclable laminates such as PET/PE, PA/PE, or even PET/ALU/PE.


Several characteristics make the Mono PE laminates EcoLam more sustainable and efficient than other products in its league: they are thinner than others, have higher thermal resistance, and use lower barrier polymer content, due to the combination of processes and resins. All EcoLam grades have been certified by RecyClass to be compatible with readily available sorting and recycling technologies commonly used at an industrial scale in the recycling sector in Europe.


Another advantage of the EcoLam packaging line is that its barrier properties can be adapted to the product to be packed: from EcoLam, which presents a moisture barrier, to EcoLamPlus, that incorporates an additional barrier to oxygen, aroma, and mineral oil, up to EcoLamHighPlus, which shows aluminum-like barrier properties.


Further, dry pet food, confectionery, cereals and pasta, and laundry products can be packed in EcoLam. Because of the enhanced oxygen barrier, EcoLamPlus is, amongst others, suitable for dressings, cheese, and dairy products. EcoLamHighPlus provides an exceptional barrier against both moisture and oxygen, being the ideal packaging for coffee, snacks, dehydrated products, compote and baby food, perfumes, and other personal care products.


Optimizing the recyclability of packaging is one of the most critical agenda items for the future. In 2019, Constantia Flexibles’ EcoLamHighPlus material was the first and so far only high-barrier laminate to be tested by the RecyClass Initiative of European Plastics Recyclers for its recyclability in the existing LDPE (low density polyethylene) recycling stream, receiving technology approval. The packaging company has reached another milestone: after establishing a European supply chain, sufficient quantities of production waste from EcoLam family laminates were available for an industrial recycling trial. The production waste was shredded and reprocessed into regranulates on an industrial scale line in cooperation with EREMA. These regranulates were then converted into a new blown film in Constantia Pirk, which was then used in the lamination of new EcoLam laminates – thus closing the loop for its use in non-food packaging applications. Constantia Flexibles achieved a recycled content of up to 80% in the lamination film, proving that printed and metallized laminate waste can be reprocessed into new EcoLam laminates.


EcoPaper family compiles a wide range of recyclable paper-based packaging solutions. EcoPaperPlus is one dedicated to medium barrier applications. It is especially suitable for products that require aroma and grease barrier, such as confectionery, and some snacks, home and personal care. The material is available with a smooth or a rough surface shine and is printable by rotogravure, flexo, or digital. Paper FSC or PEFC certified is available on demand.


Premiere for a whole family: It is the first time these products are shown at a tradeshow. EcoVer is Constantia Flexibles’ mono-PP solution, available in different barrier grades: EcoVer, EcoVerPlus, or EcoVerHighPlus. Its key benefit is that it is applicable in various packaging applications (VFFS, HFFS) and has high transparency. It is particularly suitable for applications such as beverages, snacks, confectionery, HPC, pet care, or processed food. EcoVer’s thermal resistance is exceptional: It has an enhanced outer layer in combination with a low SIT sealant layer for a wider sealing window. The packaging has good heat resistance and provides good stiffness. Due to its mono-PP structure, the EcoVer Family is recyclable in the mixed PO stream.


More sustainable coffee consumption is possible with the new lidding of Constantia Flexibles. With its compostable and biobased material, EcoPressoLid is designed for closing the upper or the lower side of compostable coffee capsules. Compostability test was performed according to EN 13432 with satisfactory results. Among its main properties, EcoPressoLid has a high oxygen barrier and has demonstrated good performance in the brewing process due to its high seal strength and suitable perforation.


EcoAluTainer is an aluminum-based foil container system used for pet food, coffee, and various foods such as tuna or jam. All materials are free of critical substances such as BPA and GLYMO. In addition, no chrome-treated foil is used for this packaging solution. It is easily recyclable in the aluminum stream and can even contain recycled content. Further, ASI-certified aluminum is available on demand.


ComforLid is a perfect addition to Constantia’s Ecolutions family product range. It guarantees a comfortable drinking pleasure without the use of plastic over clip or straws. Additionally, ComforLid contributes to the reduction of plastic waste by substituting the plastic snap-on topper and providing a hygienic drinking experience due to the 2-layer protected opening. ComforLid is suitable to apply to PP-based cups and can be used for liquids like coffee drinks, drinking yogurts, whey, or soft drinks. Due to its customizable laser-cut opening, ComforLid offers an easy dosage for solid products as well, such as muesli, chewing gum, or dried herbs. Furthermore, ComforLid can be fully peeled off by the consumer and is therefore certified as compatible for Recycling by CyclosHTP (up to 99%).


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