Extra-wide CPP-lines for maximum cost-efficiency at high volumes


Think big, think smart:

Extra-wide CPP-lines for maximum cost-efficiency at high volumes

When it comes the production of CPP film, i. e. for the metallised packaging of food and textiles, there is a clear trend towards high-volume production. But is the ability of to manufacture high quantities at good qualities alone enough to get the edge in today’s markets? SML has the answer.

“We from SML would say that machinery, that is reliably delivering premium-quality film in constantly high volumes is a prerequisite. But at the end, the final key to commercial success are productivity and low unit costs,” says Christian Malzner, Sales Manager, India. This is why SML is continuously further-developing the widths of its CPP lines in accordance with raising maximum output quantities. This happens especially with regard to the markets in Asia, where SML premium CPP lines with a width of more than 5 meters are in operation for years. Recently, SML sold two extra-wide CPP lines with film widths of 6.5 meters and with an output-capacity of up to 20 000 metric tons per year to Asian customers.

Bringing unit-costs down

Compared to other lines for CPP film, SML’s extra-wide CPP lines have a considerably lower ratio of edge trims. Additionally, the inline feedback of the edge trim scrap by a scraptruder essentially contributes to its commercial success. Labour costs per unit on extra-wide lines are also lower, as they do not require additional personnel to produce higher volumes. And also in terms of power consumption (kW/kg), extra-wide lines clearly beat smaller CPP film machinery.

CPP films for metallisation: perfect conditions for premium qualities

A frequent extruder-combination in SML’s extra-wide CPP lines is Ø 180/90/90/90/90mm. Extruders from SML, which produce CPP films for metallisation in a subsequent separate process, are additionally equipped with disc or candle filters. These large area filters are capable of eliminating even small gel particles. This avoids defects in the film at the following metallising process. For extra-wide CPP cast film lines, SML recommends its turret winder W6000 with a maximum outer roll diameter of 1,300mm. Bigger roll diameters are a major boost in production efficiency for the manufacturing of metallising CPP films. Due to longer running times at the metalliser, there are less roll changes with less film waste. SML’s turret winder W6000 enables a roll length of 50 000 meters or – 50 km! – of 25 μm film.

Quality, reliability, service
SML is a globally reputated technology leader for extrusion systems. Machinery developed and manufactured from SML stand for high standards in terms of reliability, longevity and output quality. Partnering with SML provides you a reliable project implementation and a proven track record of adhering to the agreed times, costs, and performance values.



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