PICUP Polska Launches Europe’s First-Ever Plantable Paper Cups

PICUP today announced the launch of the first-ever plantable paper cups under its brand PICUP to be available across Poland. This new range of plantable paper cups is the first of its kind, that will be available across Poland and eventually Europe. Application for the patent was successful and the company has bagged the intellectual property rights for the product design. This is the first product launch, and the company is looking forward to collaborating and partnering with new channels for growth. “Our team has done an excellent job to create a unique design that is practical and we are in the process to come up with packaging solutions that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable”, said Marcin Grzymislawski the founder of PICUP, Polska. In the coming days, PICUP will start rolling out its products in several markets across Europe, and customers across Europe will be able to plant a tree with their cup of coffee or tea. “We are making efforts to make these products available in the major food chains and coffee stores, and on major online platforms,” said the founder. The cups are 100% biodegradable, plantable, practical, and easy to carry which makes them very attractive especially in the times when our planet needs this the most. Each cup can grow a plant at its disposal, as it contains seeds at the bottom of the filter.


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