Webinars open the new W. MÜLLER Academy


In May 2020, W. MÜLLER, a specialist in extrusion heads and extruders, started offering
virtual seminars for its customers and business partners. In September 2020, the German
mechanical engineering company ran its second technical webinar. Under the title
"Recommended Head Tooling Handling" it was said for the second time "Welcome to the
program of the W. MÜLLER Academy!" The webinars are a free release from the new
training program of the blow molding specialist.
"In the future, the W. MÜLLER Academy will become a point of contact for anyone who
wants to educate themselves on the topic of blow molding technology. Whether our
customers or not, newcomers or long-term professionals; we want to boost the exchange of
knowledge, train skilled and unskilled workers and, among other things, bring the world a
little closer to how much the plastics industry can actually contribute to a sustainable world.
Because our raw material is far more valuable than its reputation and one of the great
solutions – if used and recycled correctly – to the many issues of climate change.", Brigitte
Müller, CEO describes.
The webinars are a small preview of what W. MÜLLER offers at the W. MÜLLER
Academy. Further information on the complete training program, including all contact
options, will be available on the website of W. MÜLLER soon.