Insight Pack Renews Its Confidence in Comexi with Two New Acquisitions


The Dominican company, which presently has three machines, has purchased a Comexi SL2 laminator and a Comexi S2 DT slitter
Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging
printing and converting sector, and Insight Pack International Corporation, a company based in
the Dominican Republic that specializes in the production of flexible packaging, have
strengthened their strategic alliance with the acquisition by the Dominican company of a Comexi
SL2 laminator and a Comexi S2 DT slitter. The purchase of these two machines expands Insight
Pack’s fleet of Comexi machines. The company already owns a flexographic press, a Comexi
laminator, and a Comexi slitter, which were acquired after its founding in 2016.
“When Insight Pack International Corporation began, it did not have sufficient equipment or
manpower. With the initial purchase of three Comexi machines, Insight Pack International
Corporation trusted us, and from our side, we developed a global project for them,” explains José
Santiago, Comexi Area Manager for this region. Since its founding, Insight Pack International
Corporation has received the advice of Comexi. “We guide Insight Pack International Corporation
in fulfilling its daily after-sales service needs, improving its equipment, and training its personnel,”
says Santiago, who values “the confidence Insight Pack International Corporation has in our
equipment and the training services of the Manel Technological Center Xifra Boada, Comexi
CTec.” For José Santiago, the satisfactory results achieved by the Dominican company
demonstrate Comexi’s ability to “support clients with little experience until they are able to
Insight Pack International Corporation, based in Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican
Republic), has specialized flexographic printing equipment for the packaging of various food and
beverage products, such as single wrap and pouches for coffee, cookies, and pasta. The
company also produces packaging for products in the tobacco sector, which includes pouches for
cigar leaves, as well as shrink-wrap coil, among others.
“Despite acknowledging that our staff embraces each challenge and is committed to satisfactorily
producing the required results, having Comexi’s service during our initial stage of development
and its support heretofore, has been undoubtedly a great consolation for us,” explains Augusto
Reyes, president of Insight Pack International Corporation “During our three years in the market,
we have become a company on which our clients can depend, and have gradually solely assumed
all the challenges and training to provide a high quality service,” Reyes comments, adding “for
this reason, we have incorporated a Comexi S2 DT slitter, a machine of high quality, precision
and productivity”.
The Comexi S2 DT: a cutting-edge slitter
Federico Gálvez, Technical Director of Insight Pack International Corporation, values that the
Comexi S2 DT is “a cutting-edge slitter which has a rotating turret on the winder, allowing for reel
removal and replacement without the need cease the process. Furthermore, it allows speeds of
500 m/min to be reached, thus feeding our increasingly productive line of pouches, and
accelerating the completion of products, which require reel delivery from our customers.”
The Comexi S2 DT is a machine created to simultaneously provide high productivity and high
flexibility. Presently, there are more than 100 Comexi S2 DT slitters in the market, offering high
versatility in reference to the range of materials. Regarding this slitter, quality and quantity are not
incompatible. As a result of acceleration ratios, high productivity is achieved through obtaining
high speeds at a rapid rate. Operating the Comexi S2 DT is extremely easy and intuitive, due to
the enormous work that has been done to offer a pleasant, comfortable, and agile interface.
The Comexi SL2: the perfect solution for solvent-free lamination
Federico Gálvez highlights that the bilaminate and trilaminate structures “are increasingly in
demand by the market, which forces us to maximize our lamination capacity, hence allowing us
to meet the high number of purchase orders we receive.” To meet this objective, Insight Pack
International Corporation has incorporated a Comexi SL2 laminator “with excellent performance,
as well as easy operation and maintenance for solvent-free laminations, for both short and
medium runs”. This machine has been designed to comply with productivity concepts and
operates with simplicity. The Comexi SL2 has an extremely intuitive environmental nuance and
an exclusive applicator head design, which consists of complete motorization, the use of metering
sleeves, and the option of incorporating automatic change turrets.