New HASCO slide units and core inserts


With many complex injection-moulded parts, undercuts or recesses cannot simply be demoulded in the main demoulding direction. Movable built-in components in the tool enable the injection moulded article to be removed from the mould without damage. A wide variety of different types of slide elements are used.

The new HASCO slide units Z18185/… open innovative ways of designing tools. The type of actuation enables a shape to be built up without complex and space-consuming bores for inclined columns for slide actuation and allows high force absorption.
The associated core inserts Z18186/… in the materials 1.2343 and 1.2360 with different hardness’s are available for individual contouring.
The slide units, which can be easily installedfrom the parting line, offer the largest possible contour areawith the smallest possible installation space. The slides can beindividually designed for demanding applications. The DLC coating on the slides guarantees the best sliding properties and a longlow-maintenance service life.
In principle, the compatibility of all components within the HASCO slide unit range is guaranteed.